Should You Rent Your Home?

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Are You Planning on Renting Your Home? 

If you decide to rent your home, you can start by getting the house in shape, including interior and exterior painting and patching, carpet cleaning, appliance tune-up, ensuring adequate insulation, and fixing what needs fixing.

How about renting price? A property management company can research prices in your area and guide with this topic. Alternatively, you can look through online Ads or listing websites to find out property prices in your area. 

You can manage your own property, but the one million dollars question is: Are you prepared to be a landlord? Hiring a property manager can make your life easier, especially if you move out of the area.  When interviewing a property manager, you might want to ask about accreditation, customer service, screening, experience, vacancy rates, maintenance, monthly reporting, eviction handling, insurance, fee structure, dealing with prospective buyers, and of course, inspection of the property.

I hope this information is helpful and gives you peace of mind when you start your home's renting process journey. 

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